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Eat Food Stew, Can Cut Weight 6 kg in 2 Week

Sumedang – increased body weight while working on the thesis? Habits ‘vent’ fatigue due to stress on food is much experienced, including the Hadi Nugraha (19). With a height of 173 cm and weight 78 kg, Hadi was overweight and decided to go on a diet.

Well, unique diet by Hadi managed to make-weight dropped to 72 pounds in just 2 weeks only. To detikHealth, adolescents born March 14, 1995 The secret to tell her diet, as written on Wednesday (03/26/2014) :

Because the activity tends to lecture solid and ever-increasing burden thesis, I used to vent the stress on food. No wonder my weight was increased until it reached 78 kg. I feel too fat weight and some clothes is not enough anymore, I decided to diet.

Diet I did was to not eat greasy foods and fasting Mondays and Thursdays. For diet I did was to select the menu of eggs, potatoes, cabbage, and tofu, all of which are processed only by boiling for one meal. This menu I ate two meals a day, with the last hour to eat at 6pm.

At the beginning it was hard because eating only boiled menu and has no taste. However, to add flavor, I can add a little soy sauce. So let’s say you eat meatballs know but without dumplings and peanut sauce.

Do not forget to not carelessly take. On the diet I did, I only drink low-fat milk and increase drinking water. Expand also the consumption of fruits so that when dietary vitamin the body needs stay unfulfilled.

Consistently applying this diet, my weight dropped to 72 pounds. This result is very satisfying considering I only took 2 weeks only. If the weight is down as you wish, do not forget to keep your diet, avoid oily foods and keep portions so as too to.