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Can NSAIDs Cut Colorectal Cancer Deaths in Older Women?

Women who reported using these drugs, called NSAIDs, at the beginning of the study and three years later had a roughly 30 percent lower rate of death from colorectal cancer than women who did not take the drugs, or women who took them at only one of these two points in time, according to an … Continue reading

Healthy Eating

EASY TIPS FOR PLANNING A HEALTHY DIET AND STICKING TO IT Healthy eating is not about strict nutrition philosophies, staying unrealistically thin, or depriving yourself of the foods you love. Rather, it’s about feeling great, having more energy, and keeping yourself as healthy as possible– all of which can be achieved by learning some nutrition … Continue reading

5 Foods That Support Healthy Heart

The heart is one of the most vital organ in the human body. Function as pumping blood around the body like lead role in a theater carpet. If the heart does not function well, surely the body’s metabolism will not work optimally. According to research conducted by prof. Bambang Irawan from the University of Gadjah … Continue reading

Recognize the Signs of Heart Disease Public

Heart disease does not know age. Not a few people who look but apparently suffered a heart attack. Even a heart attack claimed as a human being the number one killer in the world. In the United States, 1.5 million people die each year from heart attacks. Actual heart attack risk can be minimized as … Continue reading

Do’s & Don’ts For Leather

The skin is the body which takes care of the seriously when you were 20 or 30’s. Probably not many problems that occur on your skin so you do not treat your skin well. Fact that age determines your skin later. Therefore, you should notice the following points so that the skin can be maintained. … Continue reading

Prevent Dry Lips and Broken-Glass

Lips dry and cracked really annoying. Besides damaging the aesthetics of the lips, lips dry and cracked will also annoy you to communicate or even your favorite dish to eat because the pain is unbearable. Here are tips right to prevent dry lips and chapped. Do not Lick Lips Many people do this when they … Continue reading

How to Maintain Intimate Women’s Health Organ

One of the factors leading cause of vaginal discharge is the presence of fungal infections around the female sex organs. How do I get intimate areas not exposed to infection, or free from infection? Of course, care must be clever-clever. To maintain the health of female sex organs is actually not too difficult. Especially if … Continue reading