Benefits of Fasting for Diabetes Patients

The closer the month of Ramadan, a variety of preparations to welcome him to do even more mature. One of them, setting up health to be able to perform the fast with quiet and comfortable.

For people with serious diseases, there are specific things that must be considered to run fast because it feared conducted worship affects their health condition. Some illnesses require a specialist referral in order to fast comfortably and without complaint means, such as diabetes.

Diabetes, also known as the originator of coronary heart disease, a disease characterized by hyperglycemia or elevated blood sugar levels vary continuously and especially after meals. The main cause of this disease is the lack of insulin production or lack of sensitivity of body tissues to insulin. Insulin is the entrance of glucose into the pancreas is locked so that sugars accumulate in the blood.

For its sufferers, blood sugar levels must often be considered to prevent complications of diabetes. In addition, complications DAPT also prevented by quitting smoking, optimizing cholesterol levels, maintain a stable weight, controlling high blood pressure, and exercise regularly.

Various forms of prevention will actually be easier to do during the fasting month arrived. With fasting, diabetics can control himself to avoid the indiscriminate consumption of food and stop smoking.

However, diabetics are advised to consult a doctor before fasting. This is necessary so the doctor can give good guidance as well as modifying drugs that should be consumed during the fasting month.

Diabetics are also advised to exercise at two weeks before the fasting month of Ramadan. Although short, this exercise is expected to help the body adjust itself to enter the actual month of fasting, ranging from diet, drug consumption, until the reaction of the body during fasting take place.

Upon entering the actual month of fasting, there are a few tips that can be applied to people with diabetes. First, the schedule of taking the drug could be reversed, such as drugs taken when breaking the early morning and evening medication taken at dawn. Second, breaking fast with dates in moderation and only eat a heavy meal after maghrib prayer or tarawih. Finally, when the patient is experiencing hypoglycemia, immediately break his fast before things happen that are not desirable.



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