Caring for Early Heart Health

In accordance with the above title, cardiac care early on is one that can be taken a wise step to a healthier life. As we know, heart disease is number one in the world that cause disability and death in humans. Unhealthy lifestyles such as smoking, eating foods that contain lots of cholesterol, and rarely exercise is one of the triggers of heart disease.

Proverb It is better to prevent than cure is true. Well, for that, here are some suggestions you can do to keep your heart in good shape:

  •  High consumption of fruits, vegetables, grains and foods with high fiber such as brown, red rice, green tea, and so on.
  • Eat fish at least twice a week.
  • Taking into account the content of cholesterol and saturated fats from the food we eat. Reduce consumption of animal fats and oils.
  • Reduce use of salt in food.
  • Choose low-fat dairy products or do not contain fat.
  • Get your nutrients and vitamins in your daily food intake.
  •  Start doing regular exercise. Exercise 30 minutes a day is good for the health and function of blood pressure control and prevent diabetes.
  •  Try tai chi exercises are very good for heart health that affect the balance and is suitable for all ages and conditions.
  • Stop smoking start now!

Let’s keep our heart function that has a major role in metabolism. With a healthy heart, our body will feel fitter because peredara blood in the body runs perfectly.



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