Secrets of Preventing Dry Skin

Dry skin is really annoying. In addition to the face look dull and crusty, dry skin can also cause itching and irritation prolonged. Taking care not to dry skin is not an easy job. Many factors cause the skin to become dry as the weather, water conditioner, and other genetic factors. Here’s a little secret to prevent dry skin.

To you who have dry skin problems. Avoid too frequent habit of cleaning the skin or rinse. Especially if using soap. This will make the skin moisture is reduced and the skin will easily dry.

Use a moisturizer every day especially if you basically have a tendency to dry skin. You also need to be careful choosing a moisturizer. Use that does not contain perfume or lanolin as it can cause allergies especially if your skin is sensitive.

Avoid air is too cold. If you use a room air conditioner, use a moisturizer as often as possible when your skin feels dry and tight. Set the temperature of the air being so dry skin is not easy.

Exercise about 30 minutes per day three times a week. In addition to making you healthy, it also will make your skin look fresher and healthier. Do not forget to give water intake after exercise to replace lost body fluids.

If you are outdoors, use sunscreen with an SPF at least 15. This will protect you from ultraviolet radiation. Remember, dry skin will be more susceptible than oily skin.

Do not forget to use a lip moisturizer if needed. Lips dry and cracked is not beautiful to behold and it hurt. In addition, in accordance with the recommendation that drink about 2-3 liters per day. This helps make your skin look fresh and not dull by nature.



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