Elegant looks with Red Dress

In the view of the Chinese people has its own meaning. They believe that the color red symbolizes prosperity, luck, and happiness. Therefore, why in every Chinese New Year celebration, or better known as the Lunar New Year Celebration, always identical with the color red. Not only equipment celebration, even the red dress was as imperative for the Chinese people at this annual celebration.

Unfortunately for some people are not confident using a bright red dress. Skin color often associated this matter. In fact, some sources claim it in red also symbolizes one’s confidence. Well, here are tips that you look elegant and confident use red as quoted on page lifestyle.rudykurniawan.com:

  • Choose the right color red. As is known, the red color of some kind. There are bright like chili, there are also dark like color blood or liver. For those of you who have skin bright red color will match anything. As for the owner of darker skin, choose a darker red color like red or maroon heart.
  • Pieces of clothing. We recommend that you select clothing with minimalist pieces because it is basically a red color itself is quite striking. If you want a more modern piece dress, choose a dress with detail and simple but elegant piece.
  • Mix and match accessories. If you use a red dress, accessories do not necessarily have the same color. The color gold, black, and much more can be an alternative that matches the color combined with the color red. Adjust the accessory with the events you will attend. But, if you choose to combine it with bright colors (like gold or silver), try the selection of accessories is not too excessive. Simply earrings or large rings to enhance your appearance.
  • Make Up. Choose colors that are natural and make sure the color matching makeup with clothing. Do not mix different colors on your face. Simply make red fashion as the main charm in you.


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