The Breastfeeding Tips Reduce Excess

For a mothers who are pregnant, food intake and breast care is essential in order to produce milk is good and plentiful. And milk production results from pregnant women are not all equal, there are few, there are and there are plentiful.

For those of you who have overly abundant milk production normally breasts will feel sore, you can deduct some of the following ways:

1. Take the tamarind and squeeze squeeze with a little water and a little salt and then smeared on the breasts. Replace spread 2-3 times a day until the breasts are not sore anymore.

2. Take a few betel leaves and squeeze squeeze through cracks cracks, then heat over the fire with a squeeze of betel dab the top with a squeeze of cooking oil. If it is warm glue on all surfaces except the breast nipple you can try one of the above and hopefully your milk can be slightly reduced breast pain also can be lost.

Knee Pain Tips to Light

Often when we are conducting their daily activities, pain arises suddenly and pain in the knee, if you also experience it try doing a few tips below:

1. When pain comes you have to try to calm down and do not panic, keep the balance of the body and do not force yourself to continue berjalan2. On the first day of knee pain take ice cubes and then compress the knee for 15 minutes each jam3. On the second day and so compress the knee at least 4 times a day

2. When sleeping, protested the knee with a pillow so that the knee in high positions
3. Use a knee brace.

Tips to Overcome Waist Pain When Pregnant

Pregnancy for a mother is a pleasure and pride, but along with the growth of the uterus and the uterine muscles stretched then a mother who is pregnant will often experience low back pain.

To overcome the low back pain following a few tips you can do:

1. Do not lift heavy goods
2. Lying down to relax while at rest may help relieve pain

3. If you’re lying still feels pain so take a comfortable position to sit and lift and do a little leg crossed
4. Compress pingggang with warm water while massaging softly softly
5. Do a light exercise routine, such as gymnastics and roads to keep the body fit
6. Drink water at least 8 glasses a day

Tips to Overcome Drunk Vehicles

To travel with family is really a wonderful opportunity and we should enjoy, but sometimes the journey we are disturbed by the presence of family members who are accustomed to drinking on the vehicle

To anticipate a problem drunk in the vehicle, you can prepare for this thing:

1. Keep the body in a state fit and healthy for once it’s advisable to get enough sleep before you travel
2. Prepare medications and foods that can prevent colds, nausea and dizziness
3. Take a seat in the front position in the rear do not
4. During the trip you can nibble to keep the body in warm conditions and did not get wind but avoid fried foods
5. Avoid reading too long in the vehicle.

Tips to Overcome Mastermind Sweat

Prickly heat can be exposed to anyone who has been good to us adults, teenagers and infants. This prickly heat will cause itching and feeling very uncomfortable. Especially if this prickly heat affected of a baby.

If your baby is affected by prickly heat, you can use the following products to address them:

1. Use telon oil that coconut oil content by 60% so as not to heat.
2. Use powder salicyle.
3. Use special powder for babies.



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