Keeping Health Tips

  • Keeping balanced diet                                                                                       Balanced diet of nutrients obtained with 7 components: proteins, carbohydrates, fats, vitamins, minerals, water and nutrients. Balanced diet that is 60% grain, 30% vegetables and fruits to get vitamins, minerals, water, and fiber, 10% meat to get fat. Fruits should be consumed one hour before or after meals, in order to feel its benefits. Drink water to cover after meals. When only consume food berasid the form of grains and meats will result in :

  • Healthy Lifestyle                                                                                                 Regular sleep is not too late, a maximum of 23:00 hours with the old 8 hours and downs also not too late, do not exceed the hours of 7. Sleep is an essential process for humans because in sleep there is a process of recovery, at 23:00 hours until 01:30 hours Somatotropin hormone work to regenerate cells, thus the body that had been experiencing fatigue will be a fresh physical kembali.Aspek decreased resulting in an imbalance in the mental aspect and emotion, there arose a degenerative disease (heart disease, stroke, cancer, kidney failure, liver disease, diabetes, high blood pressure, etc.).Avoid smoking and alcoholic beverages because it causes blood to coagulate the blood that would result in difficulty in carrying nutrients and oxygen to all body cells.


  • Avoid smoking passively (air pollution).
  • Maintain cleanliness.
  • Eat and drink regularly.
  • Consuming foods and beverages that contain no chemicals. Avoid the Agriculture / Plantation process using toxic pesticides and non-organic fertilizer which is the cause inbalance hormone (hormone imbalance), renal impairment (dialysis), jaundice (liver), and the originator of substances carsinogen (trigger cancer).
  • Avoid Synthetic Chemicals                                                                                 Drugs which is the cause of the emergence of new diseases, and when consumed in excess will destroy the organs of the body (side effect = negative effect).
  • Avoid thinking / working too hard.
  • Exercise regularly                                                                                              Objectives regular exercise according to Dr. Iswan A NUSI, SPD. (Special diseases in hospitals Sutomo DR) is a smooth system of blood circulation, relaxes muscles are stiff from head, shoulder, knee to foot, generating heat energy, burn fat and remove toxins in the body in the form of sweat. (Various sources)


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