Burn Calories With Walking

Routinely walk is one of sport’s most inexpensive and simplest to do. Everyone, both young and old can perform this exercise properly. In addition, walking on a regular basis also brings many benefits and one of them is able to burn calories in the human body.

How many calories are burned when you walk ?

A man weighing about 68 kg can burn 100 calories / mile, 200 90 kg can burn 133 calories / mile, and a man weighing 113 pounds can burn 166 calories / mile. The number of burning calories in our body is actually the same, either while walking or running. Let’s see the following explanation about how many calories you burn when you walk with the speed and weight are different.

What is the average walking speed is good ?

  • The average speed of a good walk is 3-4 km / hour, depending on the length of your legs and how fast your legs.
  • There’s a good idea to start by walking a little slower speed first, but later will be faster if you do it regularly.
  • Do the treadmill or walking outdoors provides the same benefits. Adjust the slope of the treadmill as much as 1% to resemble walking outdoors

How much walking should be done?

There are 2 exercises are recommended in the United States:

  •  Surgeons recommend walking for 30 minutes or more in 5 days or more to improve health and fitness. This method you can do is cut into pieces, for example, walk as much as 10-15 minutes a day. And try the body you always feel warm and slightly out of breath when you do it.

Here are some suggestions for incorporating exercise walking in the midst of your busy life:

  1. Off the bus before you use up in the usual location you down. This gives you a chance to reach the site walk.
  2. Parking your car a bit away from the store where you shop.
  3. Walk to where you have lunch, although meals can be ordered by phone.
  4.  If your office is close to the location you live, you should walk to the office instead of using the vehicle short distances.
  5. Get used to mow your yard by not using the machine, do it manually.
  6.  Leave your sneakers at the office to do a short walk for 10 minutes outside the office as a form of relaxation relieve stress.
  • The American College of Sports Medicine recommends doing a routine activity for 20-60 minutes 3-5 times a week. This is very useful to increase 60% -90% of your maximum heart rate.


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