How to Maintain Intimate Women’s Health Organ

One of the factors leading cause of vaginal discharge is the presence of fungal infections around the female sex organs. How do I get intimate areas not exposed to infection, or free from infection? Of course, care must be clever-clever. To maintain the health of female sex organs is actually not too difficult. Especially if it is used, then keep the sex organs is not a burdensome thing again. His name was so used. To maintain and take care to stay healthy sex organs are :

1. Avoid the use of pantyliners continuously and avoid the use of trousers or tight underwear. Use cotton underwear so you can easily absorb sweat. Keep the genital area are always in a dry state. Because the fungus, causes of vaginal discharge and itching in the vagina, like in a humid area.

2. Clean the intimate areas using cleaner ph ballance or use of water godogan betel. Do it right by wiping from front to back. Not vice versa!

3. If you are in a public toilet, try not to use water in the tub. We recommend using running water. Stagnant water is the safest place to grow fungi that cause vaginal discharge and itching in the vagina.

4. Avoid also pengguanaan chemicals such as douches, perfumed soaps or perfumed tissue because it can cause irritation of the vagina and cause an allergic reaction that can lead to infection.

Such tips Maintaining Health Organ special Intimate women. The men also can read this article because it could provide information to the wife, sister, family and others. There are other tips to keep the female sex organs. That is by using Double Tissu Boyke Majakani recommendations, expert couples who were familiar to our ears. Please couples to the web shop mine as I have previously posted with the title, you become a Solution For Couples Harmony. Hopefully Benefits.



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