Do’s & Don’ts For Leather

The skin is the body which takes care of the seriously when you were 20 or 30’s. Probably not many problems that occur on your skin so you do not treat your skin well. Fact that age determines your skin later. Therefore, you should notice the following points so that the skin can be maintained.

Stop smoking

Smoking is clearly harmful to health, especially for the skin. Smoking is also a major cause of skin damage after sun exposure. Nicotine contained in cigarettes may constrict blood vessels and reduce the flow of oxygen to the skin. Finally, the skin becomes wrinkled and dry, and look unhealthy.

Routine facials

This helps clean the dirt that accumulates on your skin layer due to the activity. Facials timescales also should be determined by how severe your activities.

Use a sunscreen

Sunscreen helps keep your skin from sun exposure. Not only that, even during cold weather sunscreen can protect skin from dryness. For those of you who often drive, especially in extreme weather. It is suggested to use solar gard on your windshield. this could help UVA and UVB rays that go into cars that are also harmful to the skin.

Avoid rubbing or scratching the skin too hard

This can aggravate the skin condition. Skin aging due to UV attack, stress or carbon monoxide would be worse if you scratch or rub the skin too hard and often. Moisturize the skin will be better than rubbing your skin feels when the neck and the ring and gets itchy.

Do not ignore the neck and chest

Neck and chest is the first part of the body that shows signs of aging. Section has fewer oil glands than other parts. Use a moisturizer that contains vitamin A, kinetin, or vitamin C.

Avoid too frequent tanning or tanning

Some people love color tanning because it was considered exotic. But too often do tanning can also accelerate the aging of the skin. Kecualli juka indeed been tanning your skin tone naturally.



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