Obesity Many Experienced New Bride

Marriage not only brings happiness but also obesity. Nutrition experts say weight gain is often experienced by married couples, especially in the first 5 years of their marriage.

In England, the newly married women on average gained weight to 9.5 pounds in the first year. While in the United States according to the study, a wife would have added weight to 4 pounds in the first five years than women who are single.

Dr.Helen Fisher, biological anthropologist, said the chemical changes in the brain affects the fatness of these newlyweds. In brain scans did note that this new experience together with your partner to make the brain release happy hormones.

“This new and experienced newlyweds triggers the dopamine system in the brain and makes the body more energy so we are more active,” he said.

However, feeling comfortable that of the bride gives the effect of this new spending or the love hormone oxytocin is associated with feelings of attachment. Because this hormone increases, the hormone dopamine were displaced. Whereas a high hormone dopamine would make anyone diligently moving.

In addition to hormonal factors other factors that make a quick weight increase is a strict diet that performed the bride. According to nutrition experts on a strict diet like that will only slow down your metabolism so that when the diet back to normal weight rapidly increases.

Then after marriage most women follow their husbands diet. This is partly because the newly married couple often spend the time to eat together. Besides his wife also generally diligent cook for her partner.

Even so newlyweds can take advantage of their time both to exercise with or follow the activity of a hobby that involves physical activity.



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