Most Sit Trigger Cancer

The more time you spend sitting, the greater your risk of cancer. Therefore, live physically active in order to avoid the disease is still a scourge.

“Colon cancer and breast cancer are two types of cancer are most common. There is strong evidence that says life will actively reduce the risk of this cancer,” said Christine Friedenreich, a senior researcher from Canada.

He added, doing 150 minutes of exercise a week may not be enough. “If you all day just sitting at the table, it will be a problem,” he said.

For colon cancer, regular exercise reduces the risk of cancer to 35 percent. Meanwhile, the risks can be lowered to 25 percent in breast cancer cases.

Described by Dr. Freya Schnabel, director of surgical breast cancer, obesity has been proven to increase cancer risk. It happened because of the increased inflammation in the body. “With exercise, inflammation can be reduced,” he said.

Doing regular exercise is the first step to healthy living. You can start by taking a break from sitting for a walk.

Experts estimate, in a day, the average person to sit for 15.5 hours, including meal times, on trips, working at the computer, and watching television. Meanwhile, office workers spend 75 percent of their time to sit down.

“It’s not too late to start an active life. Perform regular exercise, not only to maintain ideal body weight remains, but also lowers the risk of colon cancer and breast cancer,” says Friedenreich.



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