Medications and Vitamins

Giving Medication Dosage According to Toddlers

More than 50 percent of infants and toddlers who were given treatment for his illness did not receive the drug dose should be. In fact, to be effective must be given appropriate medication dosage required.

Here’s how to eliminate these errors.

– See the weight, not age

Infants and toddlers at the same age can be very different physically. So weight is a proper guide for determining drug dosage. Check the back label to see the weight and dose. To measure accuracy, first weigh your weight, then carry your baby and measure again. Reduce your weight to get the baby weight actually.

– Use insect spray

Many studies have found an error in the dosage is more common when parents use drugs in syrup. Inhaler is more easily seen in terms of scale, making it easy to determine an accurate dose.

– Make a note

Every time a child under five receiving treatment, you as parents should note when it’s time, what drugs taken and how much dose. The book notes to help in remembering the dose and timing of medication, especially if your toddler have some kind of allergy. (GHS / est)


Source of  health kompas


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