Bad Habits Affecting Dental Health

Without realizing it, sometimes we have some bad habits that can affect oral health in general, nor specific. Eliminating bad habits is not easy, but can be made when intended and had the will to a better direction. Here it is a bad habit:

● Smoking
Smoking is one of the most bad habits and can cause long term damage, both to the health of teeth and oral cavity. Smoking can also cause stains on teeth and bad breath. Long-term effects, smoking can increase gum disease and slow the healing process.

● ‘Bruxism’
The habit of rubbing the teeth between the teeth of the maxilla and mandible, or bruxism, usually occurs unconsciously when stressed. Some people also experience it in his sleep. This habit can make tooth enamel surface becomes thinner, and even cause cracks in the tooth structure, and damage to fillings.

● Chewing food on one side
Some people have a habit of chewing food on one side only. This habit is usually caused by pain or pain on one side of the tooth in particular. This can result in serious problems or abnormalities in the jaw joints.

● Biting hard objects
This habit is usually a distribution of stress or a lot on his mind. “Victims” bite usually pencils, pens, nails, TV remote, or other hard objects. this can make the surface of the tooth becomes eroded, even cracks in the tooth structure.

● Making the teeth as scissors or a bottle opener
Ever see a toothpaste ad on TV that show people using teeth to open the bottle cap, tore the packaging of food, cut the label of new clothes? Such heavy duty borne by the improper teeth, because it will damage the structure.

Well, according to some bad habits that can affect our oral health if not addressed. Let’s begin to learn to eliminate these habits if you want our teeth healthy and strong for the elderly.



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