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Risto, Anticipation Extinction of Medicinal Plants

To better utilize the traditional medicinal plants (herbs) in Indonesia and prevent it from extinction, Center for Research and Development of Medicinal Plants and Traditional Medicine, Ministry of Health to seek a special program that is Medicinal Plant Research (Risto).

The program according to The Center for Applied Technology Health and Clinical Epidemiology Siswanto Ministry of Health will start to be implemented in 2012 to conduct an inventory of all medicinal plants and herbs that are used throughout the Indonesian ethnic

“The goal is to get a database of medicinal plants used by all ethnic groups in Indonesia, a database of herbal formulas, collecting specimens of plants or endangered medicinal plants for subsequent content analysis of active substances and finger printing, including breeding that is not extinct,” he said, when media gathering with the theme saintifikasi Herbal Medicine, Ministry of Health in the House on Friday (21/10/2011).

Siswanto expect, the research will produce a database of medicinal plants are useful as a raw material for herbal saintifikasi so that the future will be more herbal formulas are researched and proven benefits and safety.

Head of Central Research and Development of Traditional Medicinal Plants, Beautiful Yuning Prapti say, the future of each country should have a database of medicinal plants respectively. He said that today many medicinal plants that are endangered and should be no attempt to preserve the conservation of medicinal plants.

“Conservation is not only preserving and cultivating it, but other than that how do we have a management company for the use of medicinal plants. Because Indonesia is extraordinary to medicinal herbs,” he said.

Beautifully said, the current worldwide there are about 5-10 medicinal plants are threatened with extinction. While in Indonesia, the threat of extinction of medicinal plants is mainly due to the shift of land use, especially on medicinal plants rainforest.

“Deforestation in the wild, natural disasters such as forest fires, floods and harvesting are very high on one particular crop harvest so people are not all out and replant as the cause of the threat of extinction of medicinal plants,” he explained.


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