Eat meat cause cancer too ripe

Eating red meat is cooked too ripe it can trigger an attack range of bladder cancer. Thus the results of research conducted by experts from the Norwegian Institute of Public Health, Oslo, Norway, recently.

In the study found, 81% of cancer risk is greater in people who like to eat cooked meat, such as fried, baked, or grilled. Processed meat overcooked (well-done) will produce chemical compounds that are believed to be carcinogens trigger cancer.

“Processing the meat itself will activate the chemical compound. Carcinogens, cancer-causing substances, which are also referred to as food mutagens, active when the meat is processed at high temperatures when frying or grilling,” wrote lead researcher in the research report, published by the Daily Express.

Cancer-causing substances, called food mutagens, occur at high temperatures when frying or grilling.

The experts emphasized, not just beef and pork, but fish and chicken were overcooked if processed also has the same cancer risk. It is therefore advisable to process the meat is not overcooked by reducing the temperature of the fire while cooking. (Zeenews / Vin)



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