Tool for Preventing Chronic Skin Cancer

Washington DC: Dermatologists will have a new breakthrough tool to prevent the occurrence of melanoma, which is one form of skin cancer that is most feared by many people.

Department of Food and Drugs on Wednesday (2 / 11) has just approved a device called MelaFind. It displays digital images of skin growth that analyzed the computer to see any signs of cancer.

Expectations of this tool is to see where melamonas early. Almost all patients diagnosed with early-stage melanoma can be treated and cured, but 85 percent of patients with end-stage melanoma die within five years.

Process performed by the physician is to take an existing mole for biopsy, analysis of form and color. Many dermatologist can look for those who contract the disease has long been the spot vacated by dung lalatmempunyai features irregular edges, uneven color, and width of more than 6 millimeters.

“Every day the patient comes with 20 moles on their backs, and which is always the dilemma is how to be biopsied?” said Dr.. David Pariser, a former president of the American Academy of Dermatology. “Diagnosis of melanoma is one of the most difficult diagnosis to be said by a dermatologist,” said Pariser who is a consultant of the product.

This tool will be shaped like a hair dryer and can emit light that can penetrate the skin layers, taking pictures with a variety of skin colors that show growth. The data inside the computer will compare with 10,000 other pictures to claim that if such patients should perform a biopsy.

Until now, these tools help many patients to take their moles from the body. Please note that there is no absolute certainty in the health world. (Yahoonews / AP / MEL)



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