Is It Breast Cancer

Breast cancer is a malignancy that develops in breast tissue. Cancer is a disease that occurs due to abnormal cell growth. Breast cancer is more common in women, but breast cancer in men also may occur only very small amounts.

A common type of breast cancer

  •     ductal carcinoma, occurs 85-90% of all breast cancer cases
  •     lobular carcinoma, occurring 8% of all breast cancer cases

Breast Cancer Spread

Breast cancer has the potential to spread not only to the tissue around the cancer cells but also to other organs, which are located relatively far from the place of origin. The spread is dependent on the stage of breast cancer, breast cancer usually occurs in an already advanced stage. There are several types and sub types of breast cancer that has spread Often occurs in :

  •     Inflammatory type of breast cancer (occurring in the skin)
  •     Nipple Paget’s disease

Symptoms of Breast Cancer

  •     A lump or thickening in the breast or armpit
  •     Changes in size or shape of the breast
  •     There is fluid on the nipple but not milk
  •     Change the size or shape nipples
  •     There is a change in color or texture of the nipple or areola, may also  occur changes in the skin of the breast itself (dimples, rash)

Pain in Breast

In the early stages of breast cancer may not cause pain and discomfort. Should do regular breast examinations, be it through self (Breast Self-Examination) or by more sophisticated methods such as mammography, of course, to do this should be assisted by a doctor. With regular inspections is expected you will know if there is a change in the breast.

But the thing to remember is a lot of bumps and rashes that are not cancer and can provide good response to treatment.

Current developments in the treatment of breast cancer is growing rapidly and certainly the target of treatment is 100% free of breast cancer. Early examination is very helpful and has been key to the success of the treatment of breast cancer.



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