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Enough Vitamin D Will Extend Age

Enough that your body needs to vitamin D? Know that vitamin D plays an important role in health. Vitamin D deficiency can lead to various diseases.

Research suggests that adequate vitamin D will keep us from various diseases, ranging from depression, to heart disease. Here is another ability of vitamin D is very large.

1. preventing diabetes

People who have adequate vitamin D levels will have a lower risk of type 2 diabetes. Thus the conclusion of research published in the journal Diabetes Care. The researchers say that vitamin D has anti-inflammatory properties so as to prevent this disease.

2. Reduce asthma symptoms

Research has shown that asthma sufferers are rarely exposed to sunlight more often experience symptoms of asthma. This occurs due to deficiency of vitamin D will make breathing becomes difficult due to enlargement of muscle mass in the airways.

3. preventing cancer

More than 77 percent of cancer patients found to have low vitamin D levels, and those with the lowest levels were patients with advanced cancer. Similarly, according to a survey presented at the meeting of the American Society for Radiation Oncology.


Source of health kompas


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