Hide age with a Smile

Many ways in which people make it look more youthful. The most common is to use cosmetic products or taking certain supplements. Though a simple way as a smile can make someone look younger.

Researchers from Germany conducted a trial of some people to guess the age of others by looking at some pictures of faces of 171 young people, middle-aged, and older. In some photos, showing a smiling face. On the other hand, displayed also photos with angry facial expressions, fear, disgust, or sadness.

In a study published in the Journal of Cognition & Emotion, the researchers showed that facial expressions have a major influence on how people with older age. Smile it makes a person of a younger appearance. In fact, most people tend to underestimate a person’s age when he saw photos of them smiling.

Researchers gave several reasons for age-related effects of a smile. First, it would be difficult to say whether the wrinkles that appear on the face when smiling is temporary or permanent. Second, with a smiling person will look more attractive and have a positive effect as a young child. So that others will judge them younger than actual age.


Source ofcbs


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