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The Importance of Measuring Blood Pressure at Home

Hypertension (high blood pressure) is the leading cause of death worldwide. Hypertension is also one of the originators of heart disease, kidney and stroke. In Indonesia, the prevalence of hypertension was very high, reaching 31.7 percent of the total adult population.

For people with high blood pressure, most of them checked their blood pressure when checked into the clinic or a doctor. Unfortunately this is generally effective in monitoring the pattern of blood pressure, blood pressure showed a circadian pattern. Blood pressure tends to be at the lowest level between 2 and 4 o’clock in the morning. After 4 am there ‘morning surge’ in BP readings, reaching a peak at about 6am. It would then gradually decrease towards dusk when, followed by a lower reading at night.

What is the solution? Obviously with your blood pressure checked at home. According to Dr. Azani Mohamed Daud from Gleneagles Hospital, Malaysia, who is also Chairman of the Malaysian Society of Hypertension (Malaysian Society of Hypertension), monitoring of BP in the doctor / clinic / hospital can produce “white coat effect” or White Collar Effect (WCE). The effect is a phenomenon caused by anxiety, a hyperactive reaction of vigilance, or the conditioned reaction. Uniquely, WCE can cause high BP appears only in medical care. Meanwhile, blood pressure checked at home a lot better in risk stratification and predict events and provide a representation of the whole TD.

Have been present, Omron blood pressure monitor at home. Products from Japan are practical for use anytime. No need to go to the clinic, you can measure your blood pressure at home and every time. Omron is present in a unit all-in-one, which consists of liners that can be adjusted with the upper arm, a rubber pipe that connects between the liners with an LCD screen that is easy to read.

Omron can function without a stethoscope. The sensor of this device detects the movement of blood from an artery in your arm. The device then translates the information into electronic data that appears on the LCD screen. This unit also shows the pressure both systolic and diastolic blood in large quantities. Your pulse rate is also displayed, complete with indicator lights for each pulse for blood pressure readings. Other icons in the form of the liver showing when the unit detects an irregular heartbeat. If an error occurs during reading of the movement, the unit displays the icon for that too. A low battery symbol also indicates when the unit requires new batteries. Time and date are also shown on the unit.

Omron, a solution that is right for you who need to control your blood pressure at all times. Enjoy your life without worrying about blood pressure !


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