This is the reaction of the Body While Inhaling Cigarettes

Smoked a cigarette that someone will run out in 10 gust and within five minutes. However, in such a short time there are 4,000 types of chemicals that penetrate the body’s organs. See what reaction happens when you smoke.

The first 00-10 seconds

In the first puff, cigarette smoke going into your mouth and leaves a thin layer of chocolate in your teeth. Toxic gases such as formaldehyde and ammonia are inhaled will make the immune system causing inflammation to be vigilant.

Once inside the throat, smoke cigarettes will slow the cilia, which charge a small sweeper to clean the respiratory system from harmful particles. Meanwhile, the nicotine which rose into the air directly into the blood vessel through the millions of capillaries in the lungs.

When nicotine enters the adrenal glands, the body will feel the jolt of energy that triggers the adrenaline so that blood pressure and heart rate increase. As a result, the heart of the difficulty to relax between heartbeats so that the risk for stroke increases.

At the same time, carbon monoxide from cigarette smoke will begin to accumulate in the blood so the body’s ability to deliver oxygen to vital organs is reduced.

Through the bloodstream, nicotine enters the brain and certain nerve cells responded by rushing the release of the neurotransmitter dopamine which give a good feeling. This is why smoking creates a feeling of addiction.

After 5 minutes

After the dopamine levels back to normal, the body wants the high feeling again, though we are not aware of it. When we often satisfy these desires, the brain will get used to and begin to appear addictive flavor. Consequently, it would be difficult for you to quit smoking.

Although cigarette you’ve turned off, still accumulate in the body contain toxic for the next 6-8 hours.


Source of Womens Health


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