7 Tips for Maintaining Breast Health

Although even young women’s risk for breast cancer is lower, but if you suffer from this disease at a young age are much more aggressive cancer growth. Even so in fact we can do something to protect themselves from the possibility of getting cancer is still the number one killer of women. Here are tips healthy living and early detection for breast health.

1. Keep your weight

Obesity increases the risk of breast cancer and reduce the risk of life expectancy against this disease.

2. Sport

Take the time to exercise at least 45 minutes to an hour five times a week. Exercising regularly will prevent the disease by increasing the body’s immune system and reduce levels of estrogen and insulin.

3. Reduce alcohol

Research shows drinking alcohol even in small amounts can increase the risk of breast cancer to 21 percent. Instead, the consumption of fresh grape juice. Resveratrol found in grape skins are known to reduce estrogen levels and thus reducing the risk of breast cancer.

4. Consumption of vegetables

A diet low in fat will indeed reduce the risk of breast cancer, but refine your protection with the habit of eating vegetables, even if it allows the consumption of raw. Vegetables contain sulforphane that can prevent cancer cells from multiplying.

5. Learn the history of the family

About 15 percent of cases of breast cancer, there is known family history factors. If you have family members who suffer from this disease, your risk is doubled.

6. Check regularly

Every woman should perform breast exams every three years and do a mammogram once a year when they were aged 40 years.

7. Consider genetic testing

Breast cancer patients generally have a BRCA gene mutation. Although genetic testing is rarely done in Indonesia, but if possible could not hurt to do this test, especially if you are at high risk.



Source of Womens Health


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