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Aspirin Reduce Risk of Colon Cancer

Those at high risk of colon cancer, for example, there is a history of heredity, can reduce risk by taking aspirin every day.

This was evidenced by a study conducted in England by Sir John Burn of Newcastle University. He and his team studied 861 people with Lynch syndrome, a tendency to suffer from cancer due to heredity.

Burn gave the patients 600 mg of aspirin every day. He said the cancer prevention benefits of aspirin is stronger when the patient began to eat them at the end of the age of 40 or 50 years.

However, aspirin has side effects bleeding. “If we give all patients aspirin, there were 10,000 cases of cancer are preventable, but there are 1,000 people suffering from intestinal bleeding,” he said.

In another study in 2010 also concluded, aspirin doses of 75 mg per day can reduce the risk of death from all cancers.

If you want to take aspirin every day, Burn advised to consult your doctor. “But if there is a history of cancer of the family, can be considered to take precautions in this way,” he said.

Source of FOXNews


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