Bake Foods Increase Risk of Cancer

Many grilled foods served at various restaurants or food stalls. In fact, much-loved grilled food buyers. However, beware pleasure of eating it just bad for health.

Researchers from the University of Norway said, not long ago, when grilled foods at risk of cancer up to two-fold. They found that the meat roasted or fried cause carcinogenic mutations on the surface of the food.

They discovered humans have certain enzymes called sulfotransferases (SULT) in some parts of their bodies. Sult enzyme functions to convert some substance in food becomes less dangerous. However, this enzyme also has the ability to convert food into carcinogenic substances or trigger cancer.

Based on research conducted rat experiments, they studied the development of colon tumors in mice who frequently eat grilled and fried foods. The results showed intestinal tumors increased from 31 percent to 80 percent in mice who ate roast beef, just like humans. However, the scientists also noted the rat is not a perfect model for assessing human health risks due to consumption of food from the intestines. (Dailymail / AIS)


Source of  kesehatan liputan6


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