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Deaths from overdose “Painkiller” Increased

Abuse of sedative or painkiller continue to rise. In fact, according to government reports the United States, deaths from overdose of pain medication was the highest in a decade.

Prescription pain relievers such as OxyConton, Vicodin, and metadone, triggering an estimated 15,000 deaths in 2008, including Hollywood actor Heath Ledger. The amount is three times greater than deaths due to narcotics in 1999 which reached 4,000 cases.

“The drugs were actually pain relievers to treat people suffering from severe pain. But it can lead to addiction,” said Dr.Thomas Frieden, director of the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), USA.

In the report mentioned, almost five percent of U.S. residents aged over 12 years addicted to taking pain medication, even bought without a prescription to get drunk.

According to Frieden, death from an overdose of pain reliever that reflects an increase in prescription narcotics. This condition also occurs because the doctors wanted to perform better pain therapy along with the circulation of new painkiller drugs.

“Doctors should limit the prescription, the patient should be given to the needs of 3 days, especially acute pain. For chronic pain, narcotics should be a last resort,” he said.

According to Frieden, U.S. authorities will take measures of prevention. Some states are also reported to have done the action. For example, in Ohio pain clinics now must get a license from the state and made ​​a limited number of pills in each clinic.


Source of  AP


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