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Generic Drug Still Considered Not Qualified

Although the Ministry of Health regulations concerning the obligation to revitalize the prescribing and use of generic drugs in government health facilities, people are still less interested in using generic drugs.

According to Executive Director of the International Pharmaceutical Manufacturer Group (IPMG) Parulian Simanjuntak, until recently, the use of generic drugs nonmerek only reached 10 percent.

“Until now there is still a stigma that the quality of generic drugs is low. There are doubts about the quality of generic drugs because the price is cheap,” he said in Jakarta, Thursday (03/11/2011).

Parulian explained, the actual public concern was groundless because every drug has the same quality standards.

Generic drugs are copies of drugs. Price could be cheaper than patented drugs because the pharmaceutical industry that manufactures generic drugs do not spend money on research. He just made ​​a drug content of active substance identical to originator medicines.

Meanwhile, the originator of drugs or medicines that have patent issued to the enormous cost of research and clinical trials.

However, in Indonesia there are anomalies. Branded generic drug prices here can be more expensive than the originator. This was allegedly due to pharmaceutical drug manufacturers must pay to approach doctors to prescribe their drugs.

Regarding the allegations, admitted Parulian did hear about it. “But it is rather difficult to prove. IPMG can only do oversight and give warning to pharmaceutical companies found to have violated,” he said.


Source of  health kompas


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