This Exercise Helps Breast Beautify

Every woman must have longed for a form of beautiful breasts and tight is not it? But unfortunately not all can have it. So far, some experts still recommend exercise as a perfect way to enhance firmness and improve the appearance of the breast.

Here are some exercises to beautify the stage breast shape.

1. Pressure. Doing the pressure is a simple exercise to beautify your breast shape. The trick, standing upright facing a wall and lean your hands against the wall. After it hit the wall as hard as you can, as if you want to move it, keep pushing for 10 seconds. Do keep in again.

2. Elbow movement. Stand up straight, bend your arms slightly at the elbow with the hands on hips. After that, try to bring the elbow and the other one. Do not do it with a jolt, but slowly, stretching the muscles for 10-15 seconds. Repeat 8-10 times.

3. Use your palms to form the next exercise is beautiful breasts by pressing the palms of your hands right in front of the chest and give emphasis to each other for 3-5 seconds. Repeat 8-10 times.

4. Breaststroke. Standing upright, leaning against the wall, squeeze the chest muscles and make a motion as if you swim breaststroke. This exercise can be an alternative for you who may not have time to swim.

5. Posture exercises. Final practice to beautify the breast is to form your posture. Take a thick book, then put on top of his head and walk around the house for a few minutes. This exercise will help you relax the muscles effectively and maintain the position of the breast as it should. If you can not run with the position of the book is above the head, you can hold on to a chair or wall, but not leaning against the wall.


Source of geniusbeauty


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