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Got Expensive Drug Effects impoverish

The increase in inflation and the cost of production is the reason the drug manufacturers to raise the price of drugs is still largely borne personally by the people of Indonesia. As a result, high prices of drugs that must be redeemed patients are increasingly adding to the burden of life.

In Indonesia, the component cost of the drug could reach 45 percent of total health costs. In a study conducted by WHO on several populations of developing countries, including Indonesia, revealed the impoverishing effects of buying drugs.

As an illustration of the diabetes drug glibenclamide. Approximately 36 percent of people whose income is less than 2 U.S. dollars (USD 18,000) became poorer after buying the drug originator (off patent). In the meantime, if you buy generic drugs glibenclamide, only 6 percent who get poorer.

The Health Action International survey according to the price of some drugs in the world, revealed that in order to buy drugs Ciprofloxacin orginitator type (patents), people have to spend money equivalent to the wages they worked for 10 days. For generic drugs, the cost is paid the equivalent of one working day.

“In some countries such as Armenia and Kenya, the price of the drug is actually equivalent to one month’s salary. In fact, this drug is a drug Ciprofloxacin infection should continue to be consumed for 7 days,” said Nani Sukasediati from WHO Indonesia in the event forum discussion titled “Access to Drugs in Indonesia “held by GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) in Jakarta, Thursday (27/10/2011).

Disturbingly, the price of some branded generic drugs in Indonesia is much more expensive than patented drugs. In fact, according to Kent K Sarosa, Business Unit Director, GSK, branded generic drugs that mimic the formula only drug of drug patents expired patent. In addition, generic drug prices far above the price of branded generic drugs even though the same content.

“The price of branded generic drugs to see the new patented drug prices down 30-80 percent. However, drugs that mimic circulating here can be more expensive than patented drugs,” he said in the same event.

He gave the example price amoxil originator only cost Rp 1682. However, for branded generics could exceed USD 2,000 per tablet.

According to Nani, the World Health Assembly resolution (the highest councils WHO), has made recommendations for pharmaceutical companies and related industries to implement tiered pricing policies in developing countries.

According to Ken, GSK to implement the resolution by reducing the price of patented medicines in Indonesia 30-80 percent. “Drugs that high disease prevalence, such as asthma and antibiotics, including drugs that decrease the price a lot,” he explained.

Policy of drug price reductions, according to him, is a global GSK policies. “Determining the price of medicines tailored to the income of the population in a country. For the same drug, drug prices in Indonesia are much cheaper than the price in Singapore or other developed countries,” he said.

With falling prices, demand and purchasing power is expected to increase. “That way, the production cost can be lowered. This does not reduce our profits,” ungkapsnya.

Nani added, in addition to an affordable price, there are three essential pillars in building access to the drug, namely the rational selection of medicines, sustainable health financing and health system support.


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