Bone Cancer


Bone cancer is caused by problems in the cells that make bone. Bone cancer generally occurs in children and adolescents and is rare in adults or elderly. Bone cancer in adults usually occurs due to metastases from other tumors. Note that in adults or advanced bone cancer is different from osteoporosis-a disease characterized by the fragility of the bones due to calcium deficiency.


Until now not known the exact cause of bone cancer. Medical experts can not explain why one person may develop bone cancer while others do not. But clearly that the disease is not contagious and not because of heredity.


The most common symptom is pain in the bones. In most cases, the symptoms become gradually worse over time. Initially, the pain only occurs at night or when on the move. In some cases, there is a lump on the bone or tissue around the bone.


There are various methods for the treatment of bone cancer. The best treatment is based on the type of bone cancer, the location of the cancer, how aggressive the cancer, and whether the cancer has invaded surrounding tissue or distant (metastatic). There are three main types of treatment for bone cancer: surgery, chemotherapy, and radiation therapy. If the condition is severe, the worst is amputation.



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