Vulvar cancer


Labia, vaginal opening, opening of the urethra, and clitoris included in the vulva, the outer portion of the vagina. Vulva cancer, attack on the section. This cancer usually affects women who have menapause, no longer menstruating. Therefore, this cancer diidap women aged over 50 years.


Although the exact cause of this cancer is unknown, there are several factors that allow a person suffering from this disease. Genital warts, had suffered from cervical cancer, syphilis, diabetes, obesity, high blood pressure, associated seksusal at an early age, multiple sexual partners, smoking, HIV infection, chronic inflammation of the vulva menjaid several factors that allow a woman suffering from this cancer.


The symptoms of vulvar cancer can be known with considerable ease. If there are lumps in the vagina, and there is thickening of the skin, most likely the woman had cancer of the vulva. Other symptoms, pain when urinating (peeing), and pain during intercourse.


Although this disease has the potential to cause death, vulvar cancer can be prevented by avoiding all the risk factors that enable the emergence of this disease. Other preventive form of examination as soon as possible if you find symptoms of this disease.



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