Ovarian Cancer


Until recently, ovarian cancer is known as the “silent killer” because it is usually not found any symptoms until it is known to have spread to other body parts. But the new evidence actually shows that most women may have symptoms even at an early stage of this cancer. If detected early, these cancers can be overcome. Early detection is important, still, only about 20 percent of ovarian cancers are found before tumor growth has spread beyond the ovary. If detected early in life expectancy is much higher than when the cancer already spread beyond the ovary.


The exact causes of ovarian cancer is unknown. Risk factors for the increased likelihood of ovarian cancer include family history, age, and was never pregnant.


Ovarian cancer symptoms are not specific and more like the general symptoms such as symptoms of gastrointestinal disorders or bladder. A woman with ovarian cancer can be diagnosed by comparing with another condition before finally understood he was suffering from cancer.

The key to understanding ovarian cancer are the signs and symptoms continued to worsen. Symptoms include gastrointestinal disturbances, which tend to come and disappear or occur in certain situations or after eating certain foods. Ovarian cancer, usually fluctuating, constant, and gradually worsened.

Recent studies have shown that women with ovarian cancer were more likely than other women to consistently experience the following symptoms:
* Pressure on the stomach, feel full, swollen or bloated
* Urinary urgency
* Discomfort or pelvic pain

Additional signs and symptoms that women suffering from ovarian cancer include:
* Nausea
* Constipation
* Frequent urination
* Loss of appetite or feeling full quickly
* Increased thickness of the stomach or tight fitting clothing at your waist
* Pain during intercourse (dyspareunia)
* Lack of energy
* Back pain
* Changes in menstruation


Treatment of ovarian cancer usually involves a combination of surgery and chemotherapy.



One thought on “Ovarian Cancer

  1. the best way to detect ovarian cancer as early as possible is to take some regular MRI or CAT Scans if you can.”

    Most interesting post on our own blog page

    Posted by Babette Binning | 14 November 2012, 12:08

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