Disease Because Most Browsing

Knowledge of the neurochemical mechanisms in the brain have revealed the “mystery” of this. Involvement of monoamine neurochemical systems in the brain that consists of system Serotonin, Dopamine and Norepinephrine in the brain and neuroendocrine can explain psychosomatic disorders.

Moreover, the imaging technology coupled with advances in fMRI (functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging) in the psychiatric field that is able to provide an overview of the brain are working during the examination. Unfortunately, these checks are not uncommon and expensive.

One thing that is interesting from the clinical experience meet with psychosomatic disorder patients is that a great curiosity to the “disease” suffered by patients often make patients even more and feel “sick”.

One thing that is most often experienced patients often match and adjust one of the symptoms of her illness with severe disease had learned from surfing the internet browsing alias.

We know that the symptoms of psychosomatic disorders is very diverse, and resemble a wide range of diseases. This makes the patient will usually try to match it with disease symptoms had learned from the results of browsing. Not excessive if many patients who come to me saying previously been visited more than three doctors who have different specialties before finally coming to me.

This is because the patient felt the fear of disease symptoms similar to a particular disease is severe. Heart disease, brain cancer, bone cancer, and gastric cancer is a disease that most often complained of by patients with psychosomatic symptoms related to his complaints.

Stop Browsing

I frequently remind patients when it is met and explained about the condition of pain for no longer browsing haphazardly. If still want this, patients must communicate the results of browsingnya to me before taking his own conclusions.

We understand that the information available on the internet is very diverse. Inability to sort the information will be made even more tortured by the patient always felt himself ill. One characteristic of psychosomatic disorder patients is one of them is the fear of suffering from severe pain.

So it is wise to search information on the Internet. Ask your doctor any information relating to complaint sustained. Do not arise “illness” only because of the new browsing.



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