Baby Saliva Being Crystals Investigated UB Malang

The phenomenon of saliva that turns one year old baby into the crystal continues to attract many people. This time the Department of Biology Faculty of Mathematics, UB (UB) Malang, East Java interested to investigate them.

Rafa, infant son of Leni Marlinda Hariadi and living in the MixedHousing, Malang regency, still drooling that turned into a crystal.Until now the release of 104 seed crystal.
“There is already a team of UB’s Department of Biological Sciencewho came to the house of the parents the baby. To investigate thebehavior of the children and how the discharge process. Team alsoexamined the boy’s gestures,” said Chairman of the UBDepartment of Biological Science, Widodo SSI, MSI, PhD,Wednesday (21/03/2012).

From the research results gestures Widodo said Rafa, Rafa is asmart kid, good motor function and he is healthy and normal. “Onlywhen the home team at Rafa on Tuesday (3/20/2012), Rafa wasdrooling so hardened crystal,” he said.
Widodo added, the team also has a crystalline sample of mothersRafa. “We were given his mother a crystal to be investigated. It does not matter if the current team to his house did not look directlyRafa slobber and so hardened crystal,” he said.
Crystal clear that is currently being studied in the laboratory to knowits contents, so that we can not conclude what the existing content inthe crystal.
“But from the day with Rafa’s observations, I estimate that there aresaliva-forming content of teeth and bone with a large enough dose of Rafa’s saliva. In the future we are waiting on lab results,” saidWidodo who claimed he could not tell when the completion .

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