Am I Addicted to Sex ?

As with alcohol, drugs, or gambling, sex addiction can cause. This disorder is even more dangerous because it not only endanger yourself but also others around them.
People who are addicted to sex or excessive hiperseks have the urge to continue to have intercourse and of course he needs someone else to satisfy them. If the partner is not willing he will find someone else.
The experts say people hiperseks most are those who have experienced sexual abuse in childhood. In some cases hiperseks also occur because of a sense of loneliness and lack of confidence.Sex is used as a way to feel appreciated. There are also people who are addicted to sex because of brain activity during intercourse provide a sense of euphoria because of the hormone during orgasm. So they want to keep repeating it.
Although people who hiperseks so obsessed with sex, but they often do not enjoy sex because it means the fun will end soon.Surely they enjoy is the sex drive. If they can not vent to his passion as well tend to feel sad and anxious.
Although affects more men, sex addiction can also be experienced by women.
Here are signs to look out for sex addiction.

  • Using sex to get rid of negative feelings such as anxiety or sadness.
  • Hide the sexual behavior of a partner because they feel ashamed.
  • Not able to stop the sexual behavior despite knowing that it’s not true.
  • There is a high sex drive but never feel satisfied after having sex.
  • Spend most of your time and energy to keep having sex until the expense of jobs and other activities. People who hiperseks can have intercourse more than 3 times a day.
  • Making sexual practices, such as prostitution or sex with minors.

If you are addicted, you may not have to leave the sex at all but can learn to avoid behaviors that lead to addiction. Consult with a specialist sexual problems because of this addiction can be treated.


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