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Tests and Diagnosis

Diagnose vulvar cancer Tests and procedures used to diagnose vulvar cancer is included : Examine the vulva. Doctors can do a physical examination of the vulva to look for abnormalities. Using a special lens to check the vulva. During colonoscopy, the doctor can use the device to work like a magnifying glass to check for … Continue reading

Risk and Factors Vulvar Cancer

Although the exact cause of vulvar cancer is unknown, certain factors appear to increase the risk of disease, of which include :   Increasing age. Vulvar cancer risk increases with age, although it can occur at any age. The average age at diagnosis is the age of 65. Exposed to human papillomavirus (HPV). HPV is … Continue reading

Foods and Beverages That Can Disrupt Sleep When Body Health

Sleep disturbances at night often makes the body weak and not fit the next day that can interfere with daily activities. Many things that cause sleep disorders and several types of foods can also cause sleep disturbances. Even so every person can have different causes, then it is necessary to know the causes of sleep … Continue reading

Food And Beverage Boost Male Masculinity

Food Enhancer Passion Sex : aphrodisiac is a substance that can serve to increase libido or sex drive. Indeed, the name is derived from Greek mythology, Aphrodite is the goddess of beauty and meaning of love. Aphrodisiac is divided into two groups: psikofisiologikal factors and internal factors ie food, alcoholic beverages, drugs and health care. … Continue reading

Beauty Tips to Appear Enchanting

Many women rely on makeup to disguise the lack of face. To be beautiful, they have honed skills to make the face as a “canvas”. In addition to applying makeup proficient, they also need to watch other supporting elements such as hair and glasses frame. See 10 gorgeous tricks from the experts, as quoted from … Continue reading

Breast Care

Drought is often struck in this section. Care can start early in order to keep breasts healthy, beautiful and fast! Regularly clean the area around the nipple with cotton that has been moistened with warm water. Rub breasts with olive oil to keep the humidity. For maximum results, do a light massage with gentle movements. … Continue reading

Tips on How to Make Up Ala Korea

Korean fever is not only happening in the fashion that we can see the increasing number of Korean clothes, but also penetrated the world of make-up or Korean-style makeup. Make-up style of Korean actress and pop groups to influence young people for young people in Indonesia. Basically, make-up style has a typical Korean face polish … Continue reading