Antiseptic Soap Overuse Can Lead to Skin Irritation

Antiseptic is considered as the solution of all problems of dirty anditchy skin. Not infrequently, in order to eliminate all distractions suchas excessive use of antiseptic soap.

The threat of germs, bacteria, and viruses are not only found inplaces that look dirty, but also in places that look clean though. To that end, maintain the cleanliness of all areas that are notnecessarily solve the problem. Therefore, not a few people who use the aid of such an antiseptic soap which is regarded as completelysweep all the dirt.

Despite the fact that the soap can clean the dirt or bacteria on the hands, you should use no need to be done repeatedly. You do nothave to be paranoid with frequent use of antiseptics to evict thegerms. Instead, use a cleanser that contains an antiseptic, such as necessary.

“Use it wisely antiseptic. If used too much, the outcome was not good,” said Dr Hanny Nilasari SpKK, a dermatologist from FKUIRSCM, when met at FX Plaza, Senayan, Jakarta, Wednesday(04/04/2012).

Dr Hanny said, that the excessive use of antiseptics it will causeirritation to the skin.

“Antiseptics are chemical agents. All chemicals could potentially bean irritant, causing irritation,” he said.

Source : health.okezone


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