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Bad Effects Alcohol for Teens Breast

Alcoholic Drinks are often cited as the culprit of the cause of various diseases. Researchers in the United States recently re-mention the risk of breast cancer as the negative impact of alcohol consumption.

Studies involving more than 29 thousand women, found that every 10 milligrams of alcohol consumed per day, may increase the risk by 15 percent for the developing cells and non-cancerous lesions, called proliferative benign breast tumor or cancer.

“It’s clear these studies indicate that alcohol may increase the risk of early changes in the phase of breast tumors are benign,” said Dr. Graham Colditz, professor of the Siteman Cancer Center of Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis.

In addition, as quoted in Fox News in early April, the American Cancer Society says that women who drink 2-5 alcoholic drinks a day had 1.5 times the risk of breast cancer than women who does not drink alcohol.

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