In The Year 2030, Cancer Will So Burden The World

I the year 2030 cancer is expected to become a worldwide epidemic and its presence will exceed the number of cases of infectious diseases. Therefore, people should be aware of the symptoms and examination early.

This was conveyed by Dr. Noorwati Sutandyo, SpPD-KHOM, a hematologist and oncologist from the Cancer Hospital Dharmais, in Layman About Cancer Seminar held at the Faculty of Medicine, University Christian Discourse Krida Jakarta, Saturday (31/03/2012).

Noorwati explained, would be an economic burden of cancer throughout the country in the world. International Agency for Research on Cancer predicts, by 2030, there will be 26 million new cases of cancer and 17 million of them will die from cancer.
“If the diagnosis is found in an advanced stage, the patient’s life expectancy will not be long,” he said.

The data in Jakarta showed that breast cancer is still the most disease suffered by women. Whereas in males is lung cancer. “Data in RS. Cancer Dharmais also showed similar results,” he said.

Not every lump is cancerous

Noorwati explained, the public should be suspicious when the body was found a lump that is not fair. However, not all lumps can be said to be cancer.

“We must see first what the lump was. When filled with water, then it is not cancer but a cyst. Meanwhile, when the lump of meat, it is called a tumor. Tumors can be benign and malignant. That is what we call malignant as cancer,” he said .

It’s also important to remember, a malignant tumor should always be considered until the results actually prove the tumor is malignant or not malignant. This principle, according to Noorwati, should be applied to prevent the occurrence of missed and certainty in medicine.

He added, for the diagnosis of patients suspected of suffering from cancer, is not enough just to look at the patient’s complaint. But it is also necessary as through laboratory investigations, radiology and histopathology.




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