Recognize the Early Signs of Heart Disease

Before heart disease appear more threatening and scary, it’s good to peep what the signs :

  1. The pressure is heavy on the chest, often referred to as the usual chest pain. Due to cardiac cells are not getting enough oxygen because of reduced blood flow to heart muscles.
  2. The first sign can be seen from the difficulty in breathing. The difficulty is usually the case when sleeping or just lying. To overcome this, take a deep breath and slowly remove it. Shortness of breath condition is also common at night, it can be said as Paroxysmal Nocturnal Dyspnea, or difficulty breathing due to the reduced ability of the heart in pumping blood throughout the body, which eventually led to the return of blood to the heart and lungs.
  3. Early signs are also characterized by reduced appetite. This is due to fluid accumulation in the liver or digestive system which result in reduced appetite.
  4. Often feeling tired for no reason. A sense of lethargy and fatigue caused by the body not getting enough oxygen.
  5. The intensity of the frequent urination can be one sign. This happens because the fluid that accumulates in the kidneys through the bloodstream during the day. Owner avoid this, the control of water intake at night.

Know 5 the early signs of heart disease so that prevention can be done as early as possible.



2 thoughts on “Recognize the Early Signs of Heart Disease

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