Beauty Tips to Appear Enchanting

Many women rely on makeup to disguise the lack of face. To be beautiful, they have honed skills to make the face as a “canvas”.

In addition to applying makeup proficient, they also need to watch other supporting elements such as hair and glasses frame. See 10 gorgeous tricks from the experts, as quoted from the Telegraph :

  • Beautify Eyebrows
    Eyebrows define facial structure and eyes. Better to keep it wide with thin eyebrows make your face look older. Keep the same color eyebrow hair color or a darker tone to balance your facial features. Michelle Doan of Emani Minerals.
  • Play Sticks
    To prevent clumping mascara, do not pump the wand up and down as it can push air into the tube. Should turn the mascara wand to coat the hair so well that it can cover the lashes perfectly. Sandra Cooke, a make-up artist.
  • Specify The Color of The Lips
    If you are confused with lip color that is suitable for traveling, press the tip of your middle finger. You will see red or pink that will make your lips look pretty natural. Natsumi Watanabe, a make-up artist.
  • Beautify Lashes
    To memberik soft effect around the eyes, use colored mascara. If you wear soft contact lenses are blue or green, plum-colored mascara use. Thomas de Kluyver, a make-up artist.
  • Another Application of Lip Balm
    Lip balm is a beauty product that you can use to make your skin glow. Apply some lip balm on cheekbones, brow bone to highlight areas for the eyes, Or mix the cream blush dengansedikit on the cheek pads. Stella, a team of beauty.
  • Apply Blush Crem
    Cream blush is perfect to use in the summer because it gives a more natural makeup. However, do not ever use it under the cheekbones. Take the cream blush with your fingers, use the pads of your cheek, and then disguise the hair line. Daniel Sandler, a make-up artist.
  • Picky Spectacle Frames
    When you choose eyeglasses, notice also the color of your skin. If you have a skin color and hair that tends to warm such as brown, black, or yellow, use a bronze-colored glasses frame, brown, or dark green. If you have a bright color, you can use the frame color like white, silver, blue, and gray. James Kaliardos, a makeup artist from L’Oréal Paris.
  • Use Sugar Water to Regulate Hair
    Sugar water can make you more easily manage the hair without destroying it. Dissolve a teaspoon of sugar in six cups of boiling water, then transfer to a spray bottle. Spray water on the sugar
    hair, then twist the hair with your fingers. Remove the hair when dry. Your hair will be curly natural. Johnnie Sapong, a hair stylist.
  • Gently Massage The Head
    The way you can make damaged hair clean. Never rub too hard because it will disturb the hair cuticle. Massage the shampoo on the scalp. You will get the benefits of gentle massage on the head, your hair will not curl. Phil Smith, a hairdresser.
  • Protect Hair
    Always protect your hair from the sun. Hats and scarves are the best. Give your hair protection products containing sunblock. Sunlight is very detrimental to healthy hair because it can break the molecular structure of hair. Unlike skin, hair structure will not heal a few weeks. Long hair takes years to repair the cell. Michael Van Clarke, a hair stylist.


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