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Food And Beverage Boost Male Masculinity

Food Enhancer Passion Sex : aphrodisiac is a substance that can serve to increase libido or sex drive. Indeed, the name is derived from Greek mythology, Aphrodite is the goddess of beauty and meaning of love. Aphrodisiac is divided into two groups: psikofisiologikal factors and internal factors ie food, alcoholic beverages, drugs and health care. Well, in terms of internal, there are some foods that are believed to increase libido.

  • Brown

Perhaps this is one reason why chocolate is often used as gifts for lovers. For in the sticky-sticky foods proved sweet indeed contain Unur ‘love chemical’ which is usually called phenylalanine. Want to know what are the functions of the chemical elements? To be sure phenylalanine believed efficacious improve libido. Not to mention, these snacks are a delicious if eaten alone with him. Delicious, sticky and enhance.

  • Clam

Food is well-known salt on the tongue. Understandably, the name alone of seafood. But, forget the taste issue. Just look at its usefulness as an aphrodisiac. It is said that after eating it, your sex drive will soar too awesome! Moreover, if the men who ate it. Oh yes, pregnant women are advised not to consume metals at sea, such as Pb (lead) that are harmful to the fetus. That is why these animals are used as an indicator of marine pollution.

  • Asparagus

If the oysters are very powerful boost libido of men, another with asparagus that actually evoke powerful sex drive of women. What article? First, a vegetable that is often cited worthy symbol represents the male genitals! Second, the asparagus was rich in nutrients such as vitamin E, potassium, and phosphorus are not the only ampuhp increase energy, but also adds bias ‘truth’ of women.

  • Celery

Celery is a plant species commonly used as a complement in a vegetable soup. It turned out that in addition to the inviting scent to taste, celery is also a source of food that contain sexual stimulation because it contains androsterone, a hormone released through male perspiration that can be exciting.

  • Banana

Bananas are not the only form that has always identified with the ‘weapon’ of men, it’s bananas are also believed to increase libido in men because it contains the enzyme bromelain. In addition, bananas are also sources of potassium and B vitamins like riboflavin, which increase the body’s energy levels.

  • Avocado

Avocado is a fruit rich in folic acid, which helps metabolize proteins to produce a lot of energy. Avocados also contain vitamin B6, a nutrient that can increase male hormone production and potassium which helps regulate thyroid women. Both of these elements can increase libido in men and women.

  • Almond

Almonds are the main source of essential fatty acids in healthy male hormone production. In addition, the smell of almonds is believed to increase stimulation in women.

Quote from Dr. Boyke in the show Sex Problems.

Source : metroaktual




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