Others Primary Liver Cancer


Is a cancer that originates in the lining of the bile ducts within the liver or bile ducts. In Eastern countries, liver infestation by parasites (flatworms / tapeworm), thought to contribute to the occurrence of this cancer. In patients with ulcerative colitis and chronic sclerotic cholangitis, sometimes occur kolangiokarsinoma.


Hepatoblastoma is a cancer that is more often found in infants. Sometimes arise in children who are larger and can produce gonadotropin hormones which will cause early puberty. Hepatoblastoma is usually detected because of the decline in general health condition and cause the formation of a large mass in the right upper abdomen.


Angiosarcoma is a rare cancer, which is derived from blood vessels in the liver. Angiosarcoma can be caused by exposure to vinyl chloride in the workplace. Kolangiosarkoma, hepatoblastoma, and angiosarcoma can be diagnosed only by liver biopsy, in which liver tissue samples taken with a needle for examination under a microscope.

Usually, treatment is only marginally helpful, and most patients die within a few months after the tumor was detected. If it can be detected early, surgery is the only therapy can provide a longer life expectancy.

Source : spesialis.info


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