Tips on How to Make Up Ala Korea

Korean fever is not only happening in the fashion that we can see the increasing number of Korean clothes, but also penetrated the world of make-up or Korean-style makeup.

Make-up style of Korean actress and pop groups to influence young people for young people in Indonesia. Basically, make-up style has a typical Korean face polish to make the face look flawless like porcelain dolls.

Following as a basic reference style tips on how to make up korea :

  1. Disguise the less smooth the skin becomes smooth as porcelain
  2. Forming a thick eyebrows or straight (or even triangular)
  3. Minimum, or do not wear much eye shadow
  4. For lips, use a natural color (natural)

According to  Seung Young Jang one of the International Professional Make Up artist who comes from Korea said that to get the perfect makeup can do with three things:

  • First, use a foundation first. Then, use a concealer on the bottom line of the eye to the tip of the eye that serves to cover the shortage of black eyes and disguise the effects of the eye so that pins.
  • Second, use the shirt on first, after which a new eye shadow. This step is done so that the effect of soft or strong you want highlighted can be seen clearly.
  • Third, apply a little shading and give a touch of shading to make it look more shoft. But in each appearance does not necessarily have to use shading. Keep appear confident with the natural result was better.



Source : metroaktual




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