Vulva Cancer Prevention

Prevention is better than cure. The sentence is correct and true. If you do not want to take a big risk to your health, you should take action as a precautionary measure against these vulvar cancer. Prevention of vulvar cancer can be done in several ways, that is :

  1. Avoiding risk factors for vulvar cancer is.
  2. Treating precancerous condition prior to invasive cancer.
  3. In the precancerous state, can undergo reproductive system and do regular checks on rashes, moles, lumps, or other vulvar disorder that are sedentary.
  4. The NIV treatment, you can avoid invasive cancer cases.
  5. Melanoma can be prevented by elevating atypical moles.
  6. Every woman should be aware of any changes in the skin of the vulva by examining its own (with the help of a mirror) on a monthly basis.


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