Alert, This is the Most Frequently Attacking Cancer Kids

Jakarta, “Cancer in children is different from adult cancers.” Thus said Ira Soelistyo, founder Yayasan Kasih Anak Kanker Indonesisa (YKAKI). Like what’s the difference ?

Childhood cancers can be cured if detected early. To that end, both physicians and parents should be aware of the early symptoms of cancer.

Here are a few types of cancer that most often affects children in Indonesia by YKAKI and research in Dr Sardjito, Yogyakarta, which is delivered in the Socialization Education Pediatric Cancer held at the Academy Hall Hospital UGM, Yogyakarta, and was written on Thursday (27/3 / 2014).

1. Blood cancer (leukemia)
Leukemia or blood cancer is the most common cancer in children. In Dr Sardjito, the data showed that the number of child leukemia patients was 54%. Symptoms to watch out for include pale, fever, bleeding without obvious cause, bone pain, and a swollen belly.

2. Eye cancer (retinoblastoma)
Retinoblastoma, or eye cancer is the second most cancer attacking children. In Yogyakarta, the number is 121 cases or about 7%. Symptoms may gradually from early stage to late stage. Symptoms of early stage to further the crossed eyes, sudden bleeding although there is no clash, purulent eye, cataracts in infants, cat’s eye, until the last glaucoma.

3. Nerve cancer (neuroblastoma)
Neuroblastoma is a type of cancer that has a lot of nerve symptoms. The number of cases of neuroblastoma cases of retinoblastoma that is almost as much as 5% of cases. Neuroblastoma can attack the neck, chest cavity, or eyes.

If attacking the eyes, the eyes will stand out, eyelids down, and dilated pupils. Was when the attack will cause bone fractures without cause, or even paralysis if the spinal attack.

4. Kidney cancer (nephroblastoma)
Wilms tumor, nephroblastoma, or kidney cancer are also many cases of cancer found in children in Indonesia. The tumor occupied the fourth position. Symptoms are often encountered is urinating blood, abdominal discomfort, as well as the newly palpable lumps when the tumor has enlarged.

5. brain tumors
Early symptoms of brain tumors need to watch out for are similar to common illnesses such as a cold or food poisoning, namely nausea and vomiting. However, brain tumors are sometimes also accompanied by reduction in the power of vision, loss of consciousness, and behavior change. The other thing to suspect is a prominent fontanel in infants, impaired speech, impaired balance the body, weakening limbs, and convulsions.

6. Lymph node cancer (lymphoma)
Maligma lymphoma or cancer of the lymph nodes are often characterized by swollen lymph nodes. Swelling that occurs rapidly without the pain needs to be wary of. Swelling that happens in the neck, armpits, groin, or intestines.

7. Muscle cancer (rhabdomyosarcoma)
Rabdomisarkoma or muscle cancer can affect all parts of the muscle. This type of cancer usually affects children on the head, neck, bladder, prostate and vagina.

Symptoms that accompany muscle cancer varies depending on which body organs are attacked. Eyes prominent if the cancer invades the eye, pain or blood from the ear canal keluarnnya when cancer invades the ear, and airway blockage, sinus inflammation, bleeding, or difficulty in swallowing when cancer attacks the throat or airway.

8. Bone cancer (osteosarcoma)
Osteosarcoma or bone cancer is usually characterized by swelling and pain in the bones. Swelling swelling to watch is growing rapidly and with pain. This type of cancer can affect all parts of the bone, but the majority are found in the arms or legs hips.



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