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Want Healthy Eyes? Follow This Advice

As the senses of sight, the eye has a vital role in supporting all forms of human activity. Without a healthy eye, you may experience a bit of resistance, for example in a career. Many ways to keep your eyes stay healthy, for example by eating nutritious foods that are good for the eyes. In addition, you … Continue reading

Pain in the Eye Can Indicates Pain in the Brain

The study researchers found, patients who had retinopathy orvascular diseases that damage the retina of the eye light, also at risk of vascular damage in the brain that can affect thinking andmemory skills. The study was published online on March 14, 2012,the American Academy of Neurology. “The problem with small blood vessels in the eye may be a sign that there are problems with blood vessels in the brain that can causecognitive impairment,” says study author Mary Haan, Dr PH, MPH,of the University of California, San Francisco. “These findings could be very useful. Because by doing a simplescreening of the eye we can give an early indication that a personmay have problems with their health and brain function,” said Hann. In research yany lasted for … Continue reading