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Foods and Beverages That Can Disrupt Sleep When Body Health

Sleep disturbances at night often makes the body weak and not fit the next day that can interfere with daily activities. Many things that cause sleep disorders and several types of foods can also cause sleep disturbances. Even so every person can have different causes, then it is necessary to know the causes of sleep … Continue reading

Food And Beverage Boost Male Masculinity

Food Enhancer Passion Sex : aphrodisiac is a substance that can serve to increase libido or sex drive. Indeed, the name is derived from Greek mythology, Aphrodite is the goddess of beauty and meaning of love. Aphrodisiac is divided into two groups: psikofisiologikal factors and internal factors ie food, alcoholic beverages, drugs and health care. … Continue reading

Bad Effects Alcohol for Teens Breast

Alcoholic Drinks are often cited as the culprit of the cause of various diseases. Researchers in the United States recently re-mention the risk of breast cancer as the negative impact of alcohol consumption. Studies involving more than 29 thousand women, found that every 10 milligrams of alcohol consumed per day, may increase the risk by … Continue reading

Food & Drink for a Healthy Skin

SKIN Require a diet rich in vitamins to avoid damage. If improving nutritionand reducing junk food, then you can obtain healthy skin. Therefore, you need to watch your diet. Then, as if the food is goodfor the skin? The following leak as reported by BoldSky. Green Tea Green tea is an ideal drink to prevent skin diseases. Antioxidants contained in green tea is protective of cell membranes. Green teaso beneficial to reduce the inflammation of the skin and protectsskin from ultraviolet rays in order to avoid the risk of skin cancer. In addition, the food is good for the skin is rich in vitamin C, K and D.These vitamins contain a lot of polyphenols that can ward off cancerradical. Salmon Salmon is good food for skin because it is … Continue reading

Select Food As Blood

To find out if the food you eat according to the requirement or not, seems to be heavily influenced by blood group type. Yes, every blood type is believed to have different responses to what you consume. Dr. Peter D’Adamo, a naturopathic physician and expert in the field of human blood groups revealed that each blood … Continue reading

What Can and Can Not Eaten By Sleep

What you eat before bed may help you sleep soundly, or even just make you unable to sleep or cause a buildup of fat. What foods should be eaten and avoided before bed? According to the University of Maryland Medical Center, adults need at least 8 hours of sleep a night, but still many people … Continue reading

This Food Help Stop Smoking

Smoking is one unhealthy habit that unfortunately still do a lot of people. Many ways to get rid of nicotine addiction, such as chewing gum specifically, taking pills or drugs, exercise, meditation, active in several activities, to make some substantial changes in lifestyle. However, not many people are aware about the fact that what we … Continue reading