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Beauty Tips to Appear Enchanting

Many women rely on makeup to disguise the lack of face. To be beautiful, they have honed skills to make the face as a “canvas”. In addition to applying makeup proficient, they also need to watch other supporting elements such as hair and glasses frame. See 10 gorgeous tricks from the experts, as quoted from … Continue reading

Breast Care

Drought is often struck in this section. Care can start early in order to keep breasts healthy, beautiful and fast! Regularly clean the area around the nipple with cotton that has been moistened with warm water. Rub breasts with olive oil to keep the humidity. For maximum results, do a light massage with gentle movements. … Continue reading

Tips on How to Make Up Ala Korea

Korean fever is not only happening in the fashion that we can see the increasing number of Korean clothes, but also penetrated the world of make-up or Korean-style makeup. Make-up style of Korean actress and pop groups to influence young people for young people in Indonesia. Basically, make-up style has a typical Korean face polish … Continue reading

How To Improve Immune Teens

When summer comes, for you who have teenagers, of course, must provide the maximum protection for the hot weather means a lot of germs and allergens. Although the dangers of summer can not be avoided, there are some simple strategies that will help boost your immune teenagers : Serve more fruits and vegetables, include all … Continue reading

Bad Effects Alcohol for Teens Breast

Alcoholic Drinks are often cited as the culprit of the cause of various diseases. Researchers in the United States recently re-mention the risk of breast cancer as the negative impact of alcohol consumption. Studies involving more than 29 thousand women, found that every 10 milligrams of alcohol consumed per day, may increase the risk by … Continue reading

Am I Addicted to Sex ?

As with alcohol, drugs, or gambling, sex addiction can cause. This disorder is even more dangerous because it not only endanger yourself but also others around them. People who are addicted to sex or excessive hiperseks have the urge to continue to have intercourse and of course he needs someone else to satisfy them. If the partner … Continue reading

Burn Fat With Ballet

Join the barre hop Everywhere you look, folks are bellying up to the barre. And no wonder: Ballet-inspired workouts blast fat, focusing on lower-half results such as ab-, bum-, and leg-shaping. Get slim and trim with this 30-minute routine. Here’s the secret: Most exercises involve “micro-movements,” in which you move just an inch or two. … Continue reading